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Cognitive Semantics 7.1: 1-30, 2021 (Pre-publication version)
child and children_submitted_ Apr 2 2020
Adobe Acrobat Document 501.4 KB
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Creating and using corpora (pre-publication version), 2013
Adobe Acrobat Document 501.2 KB
Han W., A. Arppe & J. Newman
Topic marking in a Shanghainese corpus:
from observation to prediction
Han_et_al_April 16_2013_JN.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 372.9 KB
Arppe, A., W. Han, & J. Newman
Polytomous logistic regression with Shanghainese
topic markers (Dec 20 2013). [Vignette for use with R]
shanghainese_vignette_Dec 2013.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 186.2 KB
Newman, J.
The topic marker zi (是) in contemporary Shanghainese dialect (2013)
American Association of Corpus Linguistics 2013
AACL 2013_JN.pptx
Microsoft Power Point Presentation 1.3 MB
Geeraert, K. & J. Newman
I haven't drank in weeks: The use of past tense forms as past participles in English corpora (2011)
GeeraertNewman_GC_JN _dm.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 352.2 KB
Newman, J.
Our collocating body parts: recurring images of self and other in body part usage
Body in Language_2011.pptx
Microsoft Power Point Presentation 1.2 MB
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N-grams and the clustering of registers (2011)
pdf version of online publication (
Adobe Acrobat Document 251.0 KB
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Corpora and Cognitive Linguistics (2011)
Adobe Acrobat Document 851.5 KB
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Review of Alexandra Aikhenvald's grammar of Manambu (2011)
Review of Aikhenvald_published.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 186.2 KB
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Balancing Acts: Empirical Pursuits in Cognitive Linguistics (2010)
Pre-publication version
Adobe Acrobat Document 243.7 KB
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First Person Pronouns in Online Diary Writing (2010)
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.3 MB
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Education as an over-represented topic in the ICE corpora? (2009)
Powerpoint presentation
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.5 MB
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English Posture Verbs (2009)
Adobe Acrobat Document 277.7 KB
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International Corpus of English (Canada) Poster. 2008.
Adobe Acrobat Document 181.7 KB
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English posture verbs: An experientially grounded approach. 2008.
English posture verbs.pps
Microsoft Power Point Presentation 1.7 MB
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Aiming low in linguistics: Low-level generalizations in corpus-based research (2008)
Aiming Low_Newman.pdf
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Asymmetry in English multi-verb sequences 2008
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Spoken corpora: Why we need them and how we make them. 19 May 2008.
Spoken Corpora.pdf
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Beyond the lemma: Inflection-specific constructions in English. 4 March 2008.
Microsoft Power Point Presentation 3.3 MB
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Subject ellipsis in English: Construction of and findings from a Diary Corpus. 3 October 2007.
Teddiman _Newman.pdf
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The Wenzhou Spoken Corpus 2007
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The purposefulness of going: A corpus-linguistic study 2007
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A note on quantifying “good” and “bad” prosodies* 2006
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Transitivity Schemas of English EAT and DRINK in the BNC 2006
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Newman, J. & S. Rice.
Diathesis alternations and collocational schemas of English EATand DRINK in the BNC. July 22, 2003.
Microsoft Power Point Presentation 2.6 MB
Borgwaldt, S. & J. Newman
In Search of Possession: From Concept to Inflection 2006
Microsoft Power Point Presentation 452.5 KB
English Adjectival Inflection: A radical Radical Construciton Grammar Approach
CSDL 2006 Presentation
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Inflectional Islands (2005)
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Three-place predicates: A cognitive linguistic perspective 2005
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Patterns of usage for English SIT, STAND, and LIE: A cognitively-inspired exploration in corpus linguistics 2004
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John Newman
The Quiet Revolution: Ron Langacker's Fall Quarter 1977 lectures (2004)
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How to understand UNDERSTAND (2001)
Newman_understand 2001.pdf
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The Semantics of Raising Constructions
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